Newfield Street Exchange        Colchester Exchange
             1397 Newfield St.                                     738 Middletown  Rd.(rt.16)
              Middletown, CT                                            Colchester, CT   
                (860) 635-6666                                                (860) 267-4520

We are not your tradition "pawn" style shop, we differ in how we do business. As your business is valuable to us we treat you as such. The way we do it here is by Buying, Selling, and Trading of valuable items. From Rolex to ipods, and flat panel TV's to High quality Tools we buy and sell. Come in today, and sell us your lightly used items.  For our sellers out there we offer fair market value for your items, and once we own them we are able to sell them at discounts compared other retailers or "pawn" shops.


                       We pay higher and sell for le$$..................................

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